Ray J Releases “I Hit It First” Video

Earlier today, Ray J officially released his music video for his controversial single “I Hit It First.” After Ray J adamantly claimed that the song was not about Kim K (yea right), the video not only includes a Kim K look-alike but shows Ray J watching Kim K on E Television in the last scene. So either Ray J really wants his money or he’s a bit of a stalker. Either way, if there’s anything we can take away from this, it’s 2 words: stupidity sells.

Beyonce Performs “Grown Woman” in Paris

One lucky fan caught Beyoncé’s performance in Paris of her new song “Grown Woman,” which has yet to be officially released. It’s already racked in over a million views on YouTube. Why? Well, girls love Beyoncé of course.

Oh, and remember when I told you that covers = fans? Check out this 22-year-old singer’s amazing cover of Girls Love Beyoncé: 

HiFadility Drops New Album: The Gateway

It’s past midnight, kids. I don’t know about you but nothing gets me through late night studies, wandering thoughts, and aimless web browsing more than music. And on this wonderful night, the universe is blessing us with some great new tracks: the sounds of emerging DJ/Producer HiFadility, referred to by Maya Gaul, CC ’13. Inspired by the likes of Miles Davis, Theolonius Monk, and Duke Ellington, HiFadility’s music seems to interplay between jazz, soul, hip-hop, and really nothing that exists quite yet–hence the excitement surrounding his new album. Titled “The Gateway,” it represents the portal a traveler passes through before a journey — this project is an introduction to the laid-back vibe and direction of the The Traveler.

So far, I like what I hear. Smooth jazz vibes, nice electric guitar solos (“L’Amore”), and some dope syncopated beats (“I am H.E.R.E.”). But don’t let me sway you too much just yet. Check out the link below and decide for yourself. HiFadility’s full project is slated to be released next month.

What do Jacob Snider and Lady Gaga Have in Common?

“This is how it feels to be boarding a moving train
smoke from the sky
blinding your eyes
all of your dreams can be real life
all of your dreams can be real life…”
– Jacob Snider

Jacob Snider is probably one of the most talented lyricists on Columbia’s campus right now. His lyrics flow like poetry, and his voice seems to penetrate the hearts of his listeners. The lyrics above from his song, “Real Life” must seem ever so “real” to him right now, as he not only joins the ranks of Lady Gaga, but Macy Gray, Counting Crows and countless other artists in being chosen by Broadcast Music, Inc. for “Pick of the Month.”  The idea of this award is to give artists exposure to the music industry through access to a top-rated venue at a discounted price. In other words, it’s a sure way to advance one’s career and fan base outside of campus.

As I always say, it’s always a good idea to take advantage of these performances now — you know, before we wind up having to pay hundreds of dollars for Lady Gaga tickets. Jacob Snider is scheduled to perform at Rockwood Music Hall tomorrow, April 23rd, at 9 pm. It’s a free show, 21+. Unfamiliar with Jake’s music? I’ve got you covered. Check out his SoundCloud below, and if you’re short on time go ahead and skip to “Real Life.” More info can be found about him at jacobsnider.com.

Keep Calm, It’s Party Time

MacklemoreYou know what they say, April showers bring Ma—cklemore and parties that start at 10 am. Bachannal weekend is all about the music, and the fun. But this year is a bit different. If you’re throwing a party tomorrow, you might be feeling a little stressed. An 11 am concert means you have to bear the rain today to buy groceries for tomorrow. And then there’s the music. Come on, you can’t throw a party without good music.

Whether you’re at Columbia for Bacchanal, at Penn for Spring Fling, or dipping out to some other spring concert over the next few weekends, I’ve got you covered. With the help of a few CU students, we’ve created the ultimate Spring playlist using Spotify/YouTube. 49 songs, 3 hours. From Calvin Harris to Beyonce, Avicii to 2Chainz, this playlist covers every hype genre. So check it out, shuffle it, or just let it play (it’s in a certain order).

Hope you enjoy! Oh, and you’re welcome.

For all you non-spotify users out there, here’s the same playlist on YouTube:

3 Reasons You MUST Vibe with Taylor Simone this Thursday

Promo 2This Thursday, April 11th, Taylor Simone will grace the stage at the Bitter End in downtown New York for her last concert of the semester. Now I already know what you’re thinking…downtown?! As Columbia students, we tend to limit our adventures to the area that our President conveniently labels as “Morningside Heights” aka places between 96th street and 125th…and that’s a stretch. If we do somehow manage to venture downtown, we make sure that we change out of our sweatpants into something we’ve been waiting to wear but haven’t found a good excuse to, then Instagram the entire adventure — from the subway, to the dinner, to the expensive table that we hope the guy next to us is paying for, and finally we change our Facebook profile pictures to something that sums up the “epic” night we had.

Well friends, it’s about time to put away the sweatpants and start Bachannal weekend off right. The talented, smooth, and soulful Taylor Simone is promising to give a show that will be one of the highlights of her career. She’s bound to be famous soon, so wouldn’t it be nice to take advantage now and see her before the prices skyrocket? And just in case you’re still wondering if it will be worth your while, here are 3 key reasons you should go and support:

1. She opened for Snoop Dogg during Bacchanal 2 years ago and killed it. She was only a FRESHMAN, already making her claim to fame.

2. She’s performing some new songs, and covers. Remember my post on covers? Yea, here come the fans.

3. It’s a Thursday night, and there’s nothing better to do (trust me). The concert is called VIBE for a reason. Vibe with Taylor, Vibe with your friends, and immerse yourself in the amazing atmosphere.

Disclaimer: this is open to EVERYONE (you know, the entire world…not just CU students).

Get ready for a great time, check out her tumblr page, and listen to her cover below of Swimming Pools by Kendrick Lamar:

Time to Hit Up the Thrift Shop, Mackle’s Back

Well isn’t the Bacchanal Executive Board just awesome?

It looks like the rumors didn’t have it (thank God). Contrary to previous reports, Macklemore will be performing at Columbia University’s spring concert on April 12th, along with Ryan Lewis. DJ duo Flosstradamus will then follow the performance. So why did the Board leave us to have a near heart attack and believe Macklemore wasn’t performing? Apparently there were safety concerns with the NYPD, blah blah blah…do we really care? We forgive you Bacchanal Board.

Also, remember the post about the Morningsiders and how amazing they are? Well, you should review it because they are the opening act. The show begins at 11 am. Here’s the full press release:

Dear Columbia Student Body,

The Bacchanal Executive Board is proud to announce our spring concert lineup. Columbia’s own Morningsiders will open for headliner Macklemore & Ryan Lewis. Following their performance, chart topping DJs Flosstradamus will take the stage. The concert will be held on Low Steps on April 13th, and begin at 11am.

The early start time was chosen to accommodate a last-minute schedule change for Macklemore & Ryan Lewis. This is only a slight blip in what promises to be a wonderful day for the Columbia community.

See you there, Columbia!

The Bacchanal Executive Board

Co-President – Geneva Miller
Co-President – Kay Sorin
Secretary – Vincent Nasri
Treasurer – Jonathan Lee
Concert Chair – Joe Girton
Concert Chair – Luis Arias
Publicity Chair – Anais Ross
Fundraising Chair – Gil Feig

So get dressed in your best thrift shop attire. You know, the kind that you can throw away after a good time.


5 Reasons “Young” People Don’t Attend the Opera

Friend A: Hey what are you doing this weekend?

Friend B: Hey, I’m going to check out that new Turandot production at the Met. 

Friend A:
Kevin Hart The Opera Final

Really though, how many of us college students would give a confused Kevin Hart-like face if we heard that response? We go to Knicks games, the movies, even jazz clubs, but the OPERA?? On the rare occasions that we do, it’s usually to fulfill some elective requirement or it’s because we received free tickets. Even those of us who study opera everyday have to admit that we haven’t attended many. We can easily give you a rundown on Wagner, Mozart, Verdi, Rossini, etc. Heck, we’ll even sing a bit of something like La Traviata. But will we make plans to go to the opera on a free weekend?

Absolutely not.

Here’s why:

1. They’re too long.

Operas can easily take up your day. Going to see Lord of the Rings is an event, but Wagner’s Ring cycle takes it to another level. One Columbia student studying music in the College states, “I really think it’s a deterrent that they’re so long. People want to be cultured, but not for 5 hours.”

2. The good ones typically aren’t in English. 

Back in the 18th Century, Italian Opera replaced English Opera as the standard, and America hasn’t looked back since. But, just like most Americans preferred English back then, we prefer it now. An Italian opera viewing typically goes something like, look down *read* (the translation), look up *watch*, look back down *read*, close eyes *listen*…it really takes a lot of energy Mr. Rossini.

3. They’re too expensive. 

In response to why he doesn’t attend operas, one college student says, “It’s like attending a sporting event. If I had free time, money, etc., I wouldn’t spend it on an event that holds no entertainment value to me.”

It’s all about marginal cost. How much are we willing to give up for an opera ticket? It seems much more appealing to just see Matilda AND be able to afford dinner afterwards.

4. Some people just don’t get it. 

Opera singers project their voices in a…let’s just say different way. The only way young people are exposed to it is if they sing opera themselves or study the craft in academia. Otherwise, it’s up to YouTube to disseminate the information, and that doesn’t seem too promising.

5. No opportunity. 

When we go to entertainment events, we go for a reason. Whether it’s to experience the atmosphere, scream at our favorite artist, or eat cracker jacks and sing songs, it’s for a reason. Most of us would need a (big) incentive to go to the opera over a U2 concert.

In truth, a large gap exists between most of the young and old(er)’s understanding of opera. Even if we as a younger generation arrive at this true understanding, we will tend to derive greater happiness (or utility) from spending our leisure time on something else. Come on, people in their 20’s weren’t going to the opera back in the 1900s– they were going to the underground jazz clubs. Can we be at fault today if we prefer Ultra or SXSW?

So world, what will it take to attract the great majority of college students and the like to the opera? Education? Hype? How about a star that crosses from pop to opera? Or, maybe we’ll just have to wait until people start dressing like this again…

opera painting

After lots and lots of Botox, John Mayer is Back

Did you even notice that he was gone?

With so many artists on the scene, it seems a bit difficult to keep up with every single one. Vocalist and guitarist John Mayer has been out of the game for a few years now, but he’s finally ready for a comeback. Billboard’s new cover story highlights John Mayer and his 3 year medical journey to recovery. It started in the fall of 2011 when Mayer was diagnosed with a severe tissue inflammation on his vocal chords, known as granuloma.  Between constant touring, and excessive drinking resulting in acid reflex (life of a rock star), Mayer’s vocal chords had enough. To fix the problem, Mayer went to see Dr. Steven Zeitels, who if you remember, miraculously fixed Adele’s vocal chords and saved her career. Mayer’s problem wasn’t so easy to fix however, and there was a time when he never thought he’d sing again.

So what did the trick?

Botox. Lots and lots of Botox. Seriously. Just like too much Botox freezes the faces of the Real Housewives, Botox also has the capability to freeze vocal chords, allowing them to heal. So after 3 years of constant rest and jam sessions on his guitar, John Mayer is returning with a Born & Raised tour. Yes, a year after an album release does seem a tad bit late. But then again, he’s John Mayer, and he’s a heart-throb. I’m betting on some improved musicianship, and ambition to do something great. So here’s to an Adrian Peterson-like comeback, Mr. Mayer.