What do Jacob Snider and Lady Gaga Have in Common?

“This is how it feels to be boarding a moving train
smoke from the sky
blinding your eyes
all of your dreams can be real life
all of your dreams can be real life…”
– Jacob Snider

Jacob Snider is probably one of the most talented lyricists on Columbia’s campus right now. His lyrics flow like poetry, and his voice seems to penetrate the hearts of his listeners. The lyrics above from his song, “Real Life” must seem ever so “real” to him right now, as he not only joins the ranks of Lady Gaga, but Macy Gray, Counting Crows and countless other artists in being chosen by Broadcast Music, Inc. for “Pick of the Month.”  The idea of this award is to give artists exposure to the music industry through access to a top-rated venue at a discounted price. In other words, it’s a sure way to advance one’s career and fan base outside of campus.

As I always say, it’s always a good idea to take advantage of these performances now — you know, before we wind up having to pay hundreds of dollars for Lady Gaga tickets. Jacob Snider is scheduled to perform at Rockwood Music Hall tomorrow, April 23rd, at 9 pm. It’s a free show, 21+. Unfamiliar with Jake’s music? I’ve got you covered. Check out his SoundCloud below, and if you’re short on time go ahead and skip to “Real Life.” More info can be found about him at jacobsnider.com.

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