Keep Calm, It’s Party Time

MacklemoreYou know what they say, April showers bring Ma—cklemore and parties that start at 10 am. Bachannal weekend is all about the music, and the fun. But this year is a bit different. If you’re throwing a party tomorrow, you might be feeling a little stressed. An 11 am concert means you have to bear the rain today to buy groceries for tomorrow. And then there’s the music. Come on, you can’t throw a party without good music.

Whether you’re at Columbia for Bacchanal, at Penn for Spring Fling, or dipping out to some other spring concert over the next few weekends, I’ve got you covered. With the help of a few CU students, we’ve created the ultimate Spring playlist using Spotify/YouTube. 49 songs, 3 hours. From Calvin Harris to Beyonce, Avicii to 2Chainz, this playlist covers every hype genre. So check it out, shuffle it, or just let it play (it’s in a certain order).

Hope you enjoy! Oh, and you’re welcome.

For all you non-spotify users out there, here’s the same playlist on YouTube:

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