After lots and lots of Botox, John Mayer is Back

Did you even notice that he was gone?

With so many artists on the scene, it seems a bit difficult to keep up with every single one. Vocalist and guitarist John Mayer has been out of the game for a few years now, but he’s finally ready for a comeback. Billboard’s new cover story highlights John Mayer and his 3 year medical journey to recovery. It started in the fall of 2011 when Mayer was diagnosed with a severe tissue inflammation on his vocal chords, known as granuloma.  Between constant touring, and excessive drinking resulting in acid reflex (life of a rock star), Mayer’s vocal chords had enough. To fix the problem, Mayer went to see Dr. Steven Zeitels, who if you remember, miraculously fixed Adele’s vocal chords and saved her career. Mayer’s problem wasn’t so easy to fix however, and there was a time when he never thought he’d sing again.

So what did the trick?

Botox. Lots and lots of Botox. Seriously. Just like too much Botox freezes the faces of the Real Housewives, Botox also has the capability to freeze vocal chords, allowing them to heal. So after 3 years of constant rest and jam sessions on his guitar, John Mayer is returning with a Born & Raised tour. Yes, a year after an album release does seem a tad bit late. But then again, he’s John Mayer, and he’s a heart-throb. I’m betting on some improved musicianship, and ambition to do something great. So here’s to an Adrian Peterson-like comeback, Mr. Mayer.

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