Artist Showcase: Euro League

The artist showcase for Bars and Chords Ent. was not only about showing off the best artists on Columbia University’s campus, but also about showcasing raw talent. Thus, it was only fitting that a real MC on his way to the top stopped by to perform some tracks from his most recent project. After experiencing some technical difficulties, Euro League displayed his ability to adapt to any situation, performing his songs a cappella. And if you’re new to the hip-hop scene, this is a pretty rare occasion for a hip-hop artist (unless he’s part of Young Money or something).

Here’s some more information about Euro League:

Euro League is an NYC native MC hailing from the Uptown Bronx. The combination of his genuine, heartfelt lyrics and clever word play over innovative production by MP Williams form an unforgettable sound that the music collective he reps, REELIFE (pronounced real-life) is gaining notoriety for. His most recent project, Euro Trip, has netted him the attention of notable hip-hop producers like 9th Wonder and Willie B of Top Dawg Entertainment.

So in case you thought the showcase was too much of a tease, here’s Euro League’s full album, titled Euro Trip:

P.S. Email or comment below if you’d like booking info.

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