Artist Showcase: Wedding Xperiences

Wedding Xperiences (featuring Daro Behroozi, Charlie Hack, Jesse Chevan, and Sam Yulsman), started off the night right on Wednesday as curious guests funneled inside to hear their music. It is much too difficult to categorize this band into one genre, as remnants of jazz, rock, and even hip-hop can be deciphered in their sound. What we can say though, is that they truly are an “Xperience.” They immediately captivated the audience with their improv skills and unique sound. They definitely need to be listened to live order to soak in the ingenuity behind their tracks, but in case you missed it, here’s a sample of their music:


For more information on the pianist, Sam Yulsman, look under the artist tab. You can also email to request further information about the band.

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