Artist Showcase: Olivia Harris

Olivia Harris, a sophomore in CC, wears multiple hats in the music business. From guitar player, to singer, and songwriter, she seems to do it all. So it was no surprise last week that she performed a few of her self-written songs, while seamlessly jamming on her guitar. A crowd favorite was her song “Coming Home.” She also had her own show on Sunday at Garfield’s Lounge in Brooklyn. In case you missed her stellar performance at the showcase, here it is:

Artist Showcase: Euro League

The artist showcase for Bars and Chords Ent. was not only about showing off the best artists on Columbia University’s campus, but also about showcasing raw talent. Thus, it was only fitting that a real MC on his way to the top stopped by to perform some tracks from his most recent project. After experiencing some technical difficulties, Euro League displayed his ability to adapt to any situation, performing his songs a cappella. And if you’re new to the hip-hop scene, this is a pretty rare occasion for a hip-hop artist (unless he’s part of Young Money or something).

Here’s some more information about Euro League:

Euro League is an NYC native MC hailing from the Uptown Bronx. The combination of his genuine, heartfelt lyrics and clever word play over innovative production by MP Williams form an unforgettable sound that the music collective he reps, REELIFE (pronounced real-life) is gaining notoriety for. His most recent project, Euro Trip, has netted him the attention of notable hip-hop producers like 9th Wonder and Willie B of Top Dawg Entertainment.

So in case you thought the showcase was too much of a tease, here’s Euro League’s full album, titled Euro Trip:

P.S. Email or comment below if you’d like booking info.

Artist Showcase: Wedding Xperiences

Wedding Xperiences (featuring Daro Behroozi, Charlie Hack, Jesse Chevan, and Sam Yulsman), started off the night right on Wednesday as curious guests funneled inside to hear their music. It is much too difficult to categorize this band into one genre, as remnants of jazz, rock, and even hip-hop can be deciphered in their sound. What we can say though, is that they truly are an “Xperience.” They immediately captivated the audience with their improv skills and unique sound. They definitely need to be listened to live order to soak in the ingenuity behind their tracks, but in case you missed it, here’s a sample of their music:


For more information on the pianist, Sam Yulsman, look under the artist tab. You can also email to request further information about the band.

Artist Showcase: Taylor Simone

Wednesday night was definitely a night to remember as Taylor Simone made her debut appearance after a year long break from the music scene. Despite it being her first performance back, Taylor did not disappoint. She began her set a capella, virtuously displaying her soulful voice and letting the audience know that she was back in full effect. She then moved onto the classic MJ song, “I Can’t Help It,” and finished off strong with her own song “Best Friends.” For links to her music, check out her page under the artist tab. Here’s her performance of the last two songs from the showcase:

Artist Showcase: A Night to Remember

Dear Readers, Music Lovers, and Artists:

As you have probably already noticed, I have decided to make this post a little different than the rest. Wednesday night was a big night for the Bars and Chords Ent. brand, and so I’ve decided that it is only best that I write a personal letter to express my gratitude to all of you for coming out and supporting my idea. So…THANK YOU!

The turnout was amazing, the artists were talented, and the night was live!

Although the event was officially for the launching of my website, the night was really about the artists. As I mentioned during the showcase, the fundamental purpose of this website is to promote Columbia University artists and their music. And that is why I decided to make the first event a showcase – that is, providing artists with the opportunity to share their music with all of you. For those of you who are already asking about the next one, have no fear – it will happen.

And for others who missed the show, don’t worry (or maybe you should haha). As promised, I will be posting information about all of the amazing artists at the show, as well as some videos and pictures of their performances.

Finally, I’ve received a tremendous amount of feedback from all of the attendees about who they would like to see featured on the website as artist of the month. Because there are so many artists that all of you want to know about, I will continuously blog about different CU artists who aren’t necessarily under the category of ‘artist of the month.’ So please do keep telling me about different artists you want to know about – I’m all ears! Also remember, the first artist of the month will be announced THIS MONDAY. Postings of upcoming shows will also officially begin on Monday, but I will be posting some that are occurring this weekend since a few of you have sent in requests.

Below are some pictures of the artists and I at the showcase. I’ll post the rest of the pictures from the night on the Facebook page. Later this weekend, look out for specific bios and videos of the artists you saw at the show. They are all INSANELY talented. “Can you say good music?” #barsandchords

Again, thank you for all of the support. I love you all!

Yours Truly,

Megan Maloney – Founder of Bars and Chords Ent.

With Wedding Xperience! Left to Right: Daro Behroozi, Jesse Chevan, Me, Charlie Hack, Sam Yulsman

With some of the artists! Left to Right: Lubeen, Taylor Simone, Me, Olivia Harris

With DJ Dupy!

Presenting Special Guest: Euro League

Bars and Chords Ent. is happy to announce a special guest for tomorrow’s show: hip-hop artist Euro League! Being that tomorrow’s show is about showcasing talent and creativity, it is only right that we mix it up a little bit and bring a professional artist to the stage. To hear some of Euro League’s music, check out his EuroTrip album. He’ll also be performing a song with Doley Bernays called E.U.R.O. Remember…it’s FREE, so be sure to come out!

New Website + Amazing Artists = Pre-launch Party!

In honor of the launching of the website, Bars and Chords Ent. is hosting an artist showcase/pre-launch party right on campus!

When: Wednesday, April 18th from 8-11 pm
Where: Camille’s on 116th and Amsterdam

People of ALL AGES are welcome to attend and the best part is…it’s FREE. The night will feature a few of the most talented artists on campus, a DJ, and fun! So sit at the bar (if you’re 21+), order some drinks, mingle with music lovers, and have a good time!

If you haven’t checked out his recently debuted EP, it’s a MUST. Lubeen will be performing some of his exclusive tracks off the EP. In the meantime, check out and have a listen.

Sam Yulsman
Another artist featured on the website, Sam is bringing his keyboard talents to you live! You definitely don’t want to miss out on seeing his amazing improvisation techniques.

Olivia Harris
The witty and talented singer Olivia Harris will be gracing the stage. Known for her ability to move across all types of genres, there’s no telling what she’ll bring (besides an incredible performance).

+ DJ Dupy on the ones and twos

Be sure to be there on time – the place may get crowded quickly, and we don’t want to turn people away.

See you on Wednesday!