Who’s the World’s Next Big Diva?

In light of the upcoming Billboard awards, we as fans have the opportunity to vote for our favorite upcoming “diva”: Andy Allo, Jhené Aiko, or Gin Wigmore. Wait..maybe we should just scrap this whole “Next Big Diva” title. Saying the word diva puts them up to being the next Beyoncé, and that’s just weird. Second, let’s acknowledge now that our votes don’t really count. Andy Allo should win on the basis of most different sound/style and if it wasn’t for Gin Wigmore, Jhené Aiko would win because of her relatively large backing (although I think she sounds too much like Cassie).

But let’s just acknowledge the winner now… congratulations Gin Wigmore. She’s an artist from New Zealand looking to make her mark in the US music industry. With a raspy voice, heavy eyeliner, and an all-around look that is very unique, she’s got the look of a pop star. I’m telling you she’s going to win, but if you really feel the need to vote, do so by May 13th and prove me wrong!     http://www.billboard.com/nextbigdiva

By the way, doesn’t it sound like they all come from a different decade? Or is it just me…


Andy Allo

Gin Wigmore

Jhené Aiko

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