Summertime Playlist

It’s summertime, finals are over, and college graduates are wondering what to do with their lives. As everyone starts lining up for BBQs, parties in the city, and horrendous summer internship hours, it seems like only 1 thing will stay constant…the search for good music! To make everyone’s lives easier, I’ve created a playlist of some of the songs I think should be on your radar this summer. All of these artists are either from CU (conveniently highlighted in blue), the showcase, or recently graduated…and awesome. I’ve tried to include a spectrum of genres, but if you have some more artist suggestions, comment below/on the FB page or email 

Let me know which artists you like. Who knows, maybe I’ll do a special feature on one of them. Enjoy!

Note: Click on the artists’ names (or songs) for more info.


1. Taylor Simone – Bottled Up

2. Lucky Chops Brass Band Syeeda’s Song Flute (click song name for link)

3. Sam Yulsman – Violet


3. Jake SniderUnited States of Anywhere (click song name for link)

4. Melaku – Painkiller ft. Donju Min


5. Lubeen – I’m Dope

*Bonus Artists* 

6. Kameron Corvet – Going Under

7. Chance Fischer – Celebration

8. Euro League – P.O.V. (Lost in the City) feat. Ashli James

DISCLAIMER: The purpose of this post is to promote these artists and their music. I do not own any rights to the music posted here. Should any of the artists represented here desire their music to be taken down, please email

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