Taylor Simone Releases New Music Video + EP : “Songs of the Front Yard”

Summer is over, and while most of us have nothing but fading tan lines and Instagram photos to show for it, Taylor Simone is out with a new project that may very well boost her career to the next level.

Now a senior at Columbia University, Taylor’s fan base seems to be growing larger and larger every year. Her new project is titled Songs From the Front Yard, and she is going big to say the least. When asked about the inspiration behind the title, Taylor says, “It’s based on a poem by Gwendolyn Brooks called ‘A Song in the Front Yard.’ In a nutshell, the CD is an introduction, a coming of age from a woman(ist) perspective…”

So with the official release party set for this Friday, she is already gearing fans up with her first official music video release: “Name of the Game” feat. Chill Pittman.

The video is sporting around 700 views and as usual, B&C is here to break down the song for those of you who may not immediately catch onto the musical details. So before you even watch the video (if you haven’t already), read below for Olivia Harris’ artistic spin on it:*

The playground hand game introduction says it all: Taylor is ready to tell us the name of the game and win it. Y’all remember Concentration? Guess it’s throwback Thursday already. Time to concentrate, so pay close attention to what Taylor’s saying.  The smooth, spare, yet still danceable beat paired with Taylor’s assured vocals get us hype, but there’s still plenty of space to think about Taylor’s message to all the ladies: “don’t front, do better/ don’t quit.” As she asks us how we would feel about changing the flow, we ask ourselves, is it the lush jazz chords changing the flow or is this even bigger?  Taylor seems unafraid to add a lil’ hip hop flow to a lil’ soul. And that mix sounds like the dreamy futuristic world where only Ms. Badu and Ms. Monae have been taking us. Chill Martin complements with rhymes that remind us of that good ol’ Country Grammar and every childhood ditty we’ve ever forgotten. And the music video dreams just as big, with a very creative and inventive blacklight scene that keeps us floating. Somehow, Taylor has managed to take a home-sweet-home feeling and update it for a sophisticated crowd with get-down sensibilities.

Love it? So do we. If you’re in NYC, tell all your friends that you have plans this Friday the 13th. The album release party kicks off at 8 pm in the IRC on Columbia’s campus (552 W114th St btw Broadway and Amsterdam). For more info, click here.

P.S. Expect a lot more from the incredible Olivia Harris (CC’13) this year on the site! More info. to come.

Taylor Simone Releases New Song, “Boys Love Shawn Carter”

“Oh there goes Drake speaking for women again…”

Taking her own spin on Drake’s song “Girls Love Beyoncé,” Taylor Simone released a new single earlier today titled “Boys Love Shawn Carter.” The song is catchy, seemingly giving a voice to the women out there, who don’t really want or need Drake to speak for them.

Her lyrics seem to target Drake directly with lines like, “Say my name say my name, cause you kinda outta Practice…yea this ain’t no time for rapping…”

Is it time to start the gender conversation – where men in hip-hop define women through their lyrics, and women accept it by doing nothing? Well…maybe not yet, but Taylor Simone is definitely bringing up the question.

Anyway she needs no real introduction. You just need to know that this song is real. But don’t take my word for it. Have a listen below and decide for yourself:

3 Reasons You MUST Vibe with Taylor Simone this Thursday

Promo 2This Thursday, April 11th, Taylor Simone will grace the stage at the Bitter End in downtown New York for her last concert of the semester. Now I already know what you’re thinking…downtown?! As Columbia students, we tend to limit our adventures to the area that our President conveniently labels as “Morningside Heights” aka places between 96th street and 125th…and that’s a stretch. If we do somehow manage to venture downtown, we make sure that we change out of our sweatpants into something we’ve been waiting to wear but haven’t found a good excuse to, then Instagram the entire adventure — from the subway, to the dinner, to the expensive table that we hope the guy next to us is paying for, and finally we change our Facebook profile pictures to something that sums up the “epic” night we had.

Well friends, it’s about time to put away the sweatpants and start Bachannal weekend off right. The talented, smooth, and soulful Taylor Simone is promising to give a show that will be one of the highlights of her career. She’s bound to be famous soon, so wouldn’t it be nice to take advantage now and see her before the prices skyrocket? And just in case you’re still wondering if it will be worth your while, here are 3 key reasons you should go and support:

1. She opened for Snoop Dogg during Bacchanal 2 years ago and killed it. She was only a FRESHMAN, already making her claim to fame.

2. She’s performing some new songs, and covers. Remember my post on covers? Yea, here come the fans.

3. It’s a Thursday night, and there’s nothing better to do (trust me). The concert is called VIBE for a reason. Vibe with Taylor, Vibe with your friends, and immerse yourself in the amazing atmosphere.

Disclaimer: this is open to EVERYONE (you know, the entire world…not just CU students).

Get ready for a great time, check out her tumblr page, and listen to her cover below of Swimming Pools by Kendrick Lamar:

Summertime Playlist

It’s summertime, finals are over, and college graduates are wondering what to do with their lives. As everyone starts lining up for BBQs, parties in the city, and horrendous summer internship hours, it seems like only 1 thing will stay constant…the search for good music! To make everyone’s lives easier, I’ve created a playlist of some of the songs I think should be on your radar this summer. All of these artists are either from CU (conveniently highlighted in blue), the showcase, or recently graduated…and awesome. I’ve tried to include a spectrum of genres, but if you have some more artist suggestions, comment below/on the FB page or email barsandchords@gmail.com. 

Let me know which artists you like. Who knows, maybe I’ll do a special feature on one of them. Enjoy!

Note: Click on the artists’ names (or songs) for more info.


1. Taylor Simone – Bottled Up

2. Lucky Chops Brass Band Syeeda’s Song Flute (click song name for link)

3. Sam Yulsman – Violet


3. Jake SniderUnited States of Anywhere (click song name for link)

4. Melaku – Painkiller ft. Donju Min


5. Lubeen – I’m Dope

*Bonus Artists* 

6. Kameron Corvet – Going Under

7. Chance Fischer – Celebration

8. Euro League – P.O.V. (Lost in the City) feat. Ashli James

DISCLAIMER: The purpose of this post is to promote these artists and their music. I do not own any rights to the music posted here. Should any of the artists represented here desire their music to be taken down, please email barsandchords@gmail.com.