Time to Hit Up the Thrift Shop, Mackle’s Back

Well isn’t the Bacchanal Executive Board just awesome?

It looks like the rumors didn’t have it (thank God). Contrary to previous reports, Macklemore will be performing at Columbia University’s spring concert on April 12th, along with Ryan Lewis. DJ duo Flosstradamus will then follow the performance. So why did the Board leave us to have a near heart attack and believe Macklemore wasn’t performing? Apparently there were safety concerns with the NYPD, blah blah blah…do we really care? We forgive you Bacchanal Board.

Also, remember the post about the Morningsiders and how amazing they are? Well, you should review it because they are the opening act. The show begins at 11 am. Here’s the full press release:

Dear Columbia Student Body,

The Bacchanal Executive Board is proud to announce our spring concert lineup. Columbia’s own Morningsiders will open for headliner Macklemore & Ryan Lewis. Following their performance, chart topping DJs Flosstradamus will take the stage. The concert will be held on Low Steps on April 13th, and begin at 11am.

The early start time was chosen to accommodate a last-minute schedule change for Macklemore & Ryan Lewis. This is only a slight blip in what promises to be a wonderful day for the Columbia community.

See you there, Columbia!

The Bacchanal Executive Board

Co-President – Geneva Miller
Co-President – Kay Sorin
Secretary – Vincent Nasri
Treasurer – Jonathan Lee
Concert Chair – Joe Girton
Concert Chair – Luis Arias
Publicity Chair – Anais Ross
Fundraising Chair – Gil Feig

So get dressed in your best thrift shop attire. You know, the kind that you can throw away after a good time.


Top 5 Reasons You Should Listen to Morningsiders

MorningsidersIf you go to any of the random music gigs around campus, you already know about the band Morningsiders. And if you don’t, well that’s what Bars and Chords is here for. I first heard them at the Epic Showcase hosted by Sigma Lambda Beta a few weeks ago. Afterwards, my gut (Scandal plug) told me that I have been missing out on some awesome music. Hopefully, I’ll have the honor of interviewing them one day, but in the meantime, I think that telling the world about them will suffice. So here are the top 5 reasons you should be stalking the Morningsiders’ SoundCloud right now:

1. They don’t fit into a genre…”inspired folk-pop and blue-grass” mixed together, with coolness on the side. In other words, they’re DIFFERENT, which is good in the music world in case you didn’t know.

2. Their harmonies are a blend of perfection and serenity. You may even find yourself closing your eyes, transcending into a different realm of music (or something).

3. They made a video for Valentine’s Day.

4. You’re almost always guaranteed a trumpet, fiddle, or some kind of great solo.

5. We live in Morningside so, obviously, it’s our duty to support Morningsiders.

So…if you’re still not quite convinced, go ahead and check out their soundcloud or facebook, and see if you agree.