Drake Pulls a Beyoncé and Drops a Surprise Mixtape: “If You’re Reading This Its Too Late”

Drake pulled a Beyoncé last night and dropped a surprise mixtape, but the guy tweeted it right before midnight. Who does that?(!?!) Normal people have to sleep on Thursday nights, Drake. You almost made us miss history.

It’s ok though. Despite the title, “If You’re Reading This It’s Too Late,” I think we have time to get ahead of the crowd on this one. Only ~2000 plays per song on soundcloud so far (it’s available on spotify and iTunes as well). I’m going to start working through the songs…I’ll give an update later. P.S. I’m hearing this is just a precursor to an album. Per The Verge,
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Need a Hangover Cure?

Happy New Year B&C Readers!

As you lay in bed and reflect on the past year, the future, and how bad your hangover is, it may just be the perfect time to discover some new music.

Today, we turn to the world of hip hop and mixtapes. Fabolous’ Soul Tape 3 seems to be the hottest one out right now (Download) and if you haven’t listened to it yet, well, you should — even if mixtapes aren’t really your thing.

Equally as interesting though is discovering the “non-mainstream artists”. You’ll have to sift through the bad and the good, but nothing is sweeter than finding the good. One mixtape that seems to be gaining some traction is Bizzy Crook’s 84: Off Season (Download). Bizzy is an up and coming artist that hails from Miami, FL. He was signed by Mona Scott Young (you know, the hip hop mogul, and the lady who controls VH1’s Love & Hip Hop) at the age of 18 and has been developing his career ever since. Below, is one of his latest videos “21.”