Case of the Mondays – Focus Artist: Le P

I blinked, and it was Monday again…depressing, I know.

BUT it was also 70 degrees this weekend in NYC, which meant I saw people I hadn’t seen since winter began, I was able to finally retire my North Face, and I almost wore shorts. yay.

In the spirit of spring and concerts and happiness, this edition’s Case of the Mondays brings you another international artist–Le P. Thanks to technology and our weird, entrepreneurial and amazing generation, DJs have transformed from supporting artists in shows to being the show themselves. Now unfortunately, I haven’t been able to find out much about Le P other than the fact that he is a French DJ housed under Bambousek, a French Digital label (here’s his FB page). No matter though, the song I think you will all enjoy is called History and it features Michael Jackson. Yes, MJ is perfectly blended into this song, which makes it an automatic winner and a song I will be jamming to at the beach–if I ever make it there this summer.

Oh, and as a bonus feature, Le P has a song with Sam Smith…and you all know how much I love Sam Smith.



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