Case of the Mondays – Focus Artist: Banks

I have a case of the Mondays, which usually occurs every Monday to be honest.

And this new artist (new, depending on how you define it) is speaking to my mood right now. Banks—yes, just Banks—was featured in Vogue last year as “Artist of the Week” where the author wrote: Her songs perfectly capture a feeling of being lost and powerless in the world. But the music is powerful, the opposite, as she put it, of helpless.”

banks 2

She has also toured as the opening act for The Weeknd and perhaps strangely, but somewhat unsurprisingly, her sound is being described as ‘dark R&B’

…not sure what the world is coming to but, if you also have a case of the Mondays too, take a listen


One thought on “Case of the Mondays – Focus Artist: Banks

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