The Eleven Best Musical Tributes to Beyonce

Since Beyoncé Giselle Knowles Carter has officially taken over the world, it seems only appropriate to look at her journey from a fan perspective. Her music has touched a multitude of people from different cultures, races, and cities. The below videos display some of the best tributes to Beyoncé that are on the Internet, as well as covers of her songs. After 5 albums with Destiny’s Child, 5 of her own, a baby and a husband…you have to wonder how she does it all. While the videos don’t display all of the amazing musical tributes that her Bee Hive has created, it does speak to the influence that she has had on fans around the world–not only in changing the meaning of “creativity,” but in many cases, helping fans propel their own careers to the next level (related: How Artists Get Views on YouTube).

1. Evolution of Beyoncé by Pentatonix

2. Love on Top (Cover) by Syesha

3. Drunk in Love by Ari Lennox

(seriously thought she was lip synching at first)

3a. Had to add this Drunk in Love cover…this kid is adorable

4. Beyonce Dance Series by WildaBeast Adams

5. Run the World (Girls) – Dance Cover by Black Queen

5a. This is also adorable..

6. Best Thing I Never Had by Tori Kelley & Todrick Hall

7. If I Were a Boy (Cover) by Rachel Crow

Yea, this one went viral pretty quickly..

8. Say My Name (Cover) by Flearoy The Band

9. Cater 2 U (Cover) by Passion & Melvin

10. Listen (Cover) by Melanie Amaro

(Let’s be real, everyone did a cover of “Listen” at one point, but this one was pretty impressive…)

11. Hello (Acoustic Cover)

11a. Hello by Rin on the Rox (using the above instrumental)

And as a bonus…remember this amazing live version of Halo by Queen B herself?

3 Reasons You MUST Vibe with Taylor Simone this Thursday

Promo 2This Thursday, April 11th, Taylor Simone will grace the stage at the Bitter End in downtown New York for her last concert of the semester. Now I already know what you’re thinking…downtown?! As Columbia students, we tend to limit our adventures to the area that our President conveniently labels as “Morningside Heights” aka places between 96th street and 125th…and that’s a stretch. If we do somehow manage to venture downtown, we make sure that we change out of our sweatpants into something we’ve been waiting to wear but haven’t found a good excuse to, then Instagram the entire adventure — from the subway, to the dinner, to the expensive table that we hope the guy next to us is paying for, and finally we change our Facebook profile pictures to something that sums up the “epic” night we had.

Well friends, it’s about time to put away the sweatpants and start Bachannal weekend off right. The talented, smooth, and soulful Taylor Simone is promising to give a show that will be one of the highlights of her career. She’s bound to be famous soon, so wouldn’t it be nice to take advantage now and see her before the prices skyrocket? And just in case you’re still wondering if it will be worth your while, here are 3 key reasons you should go and support:

1. She opened for Snoop Dogg during Bacchanal 2 years ago and killed it. She was only a FRESHMAN, already making her claim to fame.

2. She’s performing some new songs, and covers. Remember my post on covers? Yea, here come the fans.

3. It’s a Thursday night, and there’s nothing better to do (trust me). The concert is called VIBE for a reason. Vibe with Taylor, Vibe with your friends, and immerse yourself in the amazing atmosphere.

Disclaimer: this is open to EVERYONE (you know, the entire world…not just CU students).

Get ready for a great time, check out her tumblr page, and listen to her cover below of Swimming Pools by Kendrick Lamar:

How Do Artists Get Views on YouTube?

Melanie Fiona recently did a cover of Drake’s “Started From the Bottom,” creating a simple beat and turning the rap song into an R&B song of her own. Melanie’s already a well-known artist on the scene with two Grammy’s under her belt, so we have to wonder why she’s spending time doing covers. Was she was bored or does she just really like the song? Or, more likely, maybe she’s just staying relevant.

Whether they admit or not, emerging artists care what fans think about their music. After all, fans are the ones that pay the bills. Obviously, Melanie Fiona is not an emerging artist, but she is an artist that knows the importance of marketing. With social media dominating the way young people communicate, word of mouth and the virality of the internet drive record sales. Once an artist releases his music into the ‘cloud’ of the internet, he essentially gives the world permission to disseminate his track in any way it sees fit. Bad or good, publicity is publicity in the world of entertainment.

So what better way than to take advantage of YouTube and the millions of people who are already searching the site for videos? Obviously, musicians take advantage of this everyday. BUT, for some reason, most don’t want to post covers.

The explanation goes beyond fear of people “not liking” the song. You see, musicians are all about finding their own style, and differentiating themselves from others. Think about it – the most successful artists are those that are unique. So when a relatively unknown artist posts a cover of a popular song, she automatically takes away from her “uniqueness” since this is the way in which (most) of the world hears about her. To take an extreme case: imagine covering a Whitney Houston song that soon afterwards goes viral. Next thing you know, everyone in the world starts calling you the next Whitney Houston. Sure, it may seem like a great compliment at first, but it might not be so flattering when the world starts to realize you are not Whitney Houston…at all.

So, question for the musicians out there: what do all of you think about doing covers? Is it possible to make it without appealing to the audience and the songs they already know? Covers seem like an automatic way to get subscribers. If you need to increase your views, does it really hurt to take a shortcut and do a few covers?

Just a few.